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Updated: Jan 26

Hello Tribe,

I wanted to share a few thoughts as it it coming up to the end of 2021, I always feel really strange at the end of a year, and I always cry as that clock strikes midnight.

I tend to have a new diary and make a list of goals for that year, which (not to blow my own trumpet) I am always pretty good at doing, but these goals always are always very similar, save money, read more books, go on holidays, stay healthy-basically stuff I do anyway.

This year is different, I am not making a list, as I am already doing all the things I would normally put on a list, but there is one huge change coming for me-a career change, and I am holding off giving myself a to-do, I am going to embed a new way of living into my life.

A career change is massive, and I am not taking it lightly, I have been a school teacher now for 10 years, and it is just not aligning with me anymore, I feel that my dharma (life purpose) has changed…or has it?

The more I study yoga, the mind and spirituality, the more I see that I just did what was expected of me by going into teaching, and at the time I didn’t know much about the yogic way of life, but what I can remember is always saying I wanted to have my own business. I wrote a letter to myself at 16 to open when I was 30, and in that I wrote I would be living in NYC (I was/am obsessed with SATC) and I would have my own business, I didn’t specify what, and I would live in an apartment on a high floor, I can still see my vision now as an adult, and my life doesn’t look far off, the wrong city for now. I took business studies at college to help me pursue this, and I can not remember at all why I didn’t, why I went to them study english and become a school teacher. I am putting this down to divine timing, and what I can look back on and think is that I wasn’t ready.

I believe I lost touch with myself and the universe, I got lost in the rat race, pushing myself into things that were ‘expected’. I am thankful for all of the skills I have acquired in teaching, they have allowed me to design and lay the foundations of my new business, the skills from how to teach, how to plan lessons, make a website, send emails, speak to people-then list goes on.

This brings me back to my list for the new year-or lack of. I am already changing my life, I am already (in my eyes) becoming the highest version of myself, I am a work in progress and I love it, this takes time, and the pressure of a list, is not needed, I am doing 4 courses to really push my new business and offer more to empower others, and well as share the benefits of a yoga practice.

Think about what you’re planning on putting on your list, is it the same every year? Lose weight? Get fit? Cut out chocolate/sweets/alcohol? Save money? Now ask yourself, do you need to write these down? And give yourself that pressure? Are these helping you become the highest version of yourself? If so, then we’ll done for going for it! If you’re unsure, then think about what you can do from NOW.

Try some of the affirmations below to help shift your mindset away from these prescribed resolutions, rather than focusing on trying to change you body or your bank account...

I am kind to myself

I am loved

I love others

I am worthy

I am hear

One thing I do suggest for the new year is journaling, I do this everyday, and it really helps to put things into perspective, some nights I just write what I am grateful for, some nights I write what triggered me in the day and why, and by doing that I am able to wake up the next morning with a fresh outlook. I will put together some journaling prompts to send to you all.

Anyway, I could go on and on, I will be back in touch before the end of the new year with my Yintube and my next blog on the next limb of the Yamas.

Have a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate) and an amazing new year🤍

Magic always,



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