Let that shiz go…

It’s the end of January, can you believe it?

I hope that my mid-month blog ideas helped you to beat those January blues and you made it peacefully through the month, January always seems sooooooo long.

As it is my end of month blog, I am just going to touch on one of the Yamas- if you have no idea what I am on about, read my first blog, but don’t be put off by the Sanskrit word here, it’s definitely not just for yogis, everyone will be able to take something from this.

What I want to chat about today is ‘non greed’ or ‘non hoarding’, the Sanskrit for this is Aparigraha if you were wondering, this is actually the last of the Yamas (I have skipped one, so we will come back to Brahmacharya another time).

Aparigraha or non greed, is actually one of the main teachings in the Yogic text the Bhagavad Gita, it tells us is that we should never concern ourselves with the outcome of a situation, we should only concern ourselves with what we’re actually doing right now, as we work towards that outcome, which is harder than it seems. We spend so much time worrying about what could happen next, we get lost in the moment and do not actually enjoy what is happening in the present moment. What we need to do is the opposite, enjoy what we are doing, and the outcome will create itself.

So basically, let that shiz go and just go with it.

Makes sense- right?

Another good example of this is – how often do we worry about what might come of the effort we put into a something at work, or even a holiday we’re planning, or a meal we’re going to cook. We worry so much that we never really enjoy the work which is going into it. You might worry if you’ll be successful enough, or ‘good enough’ when you put your hearts on the line to show the world what you’re made of, that you forget why you started in the first place.

So, what this Yama is telling us is if we want to share something with the world, or with someone, then just do it (sorry to quote Nike) just do it! Put all your effort into it, and let go of the outcome- so what if someone doesn’t like it, so what if you post that picture online and only get one like, if you enjoyed the process of taking the photo, then that is all that matters, which brings me back to…let that shiz go and just go with it.

Do you think song writers, movies directors and so on sit and worry that people won’t like their new movie, can you 'imagine' (pun intended here) John Lennon sat worrying that no one would like his music, NO! What these amazing creators do is let go of the feelings of ‘not being good enough’ and they do it because they love it, they allow their passions and words to come alive, and if it influences people on the way – then amazing.

Of course we can use a bit of this in our day to day lives, another way to see this is by a quick scan in your wardrobe. After you have read this blog, go to your wardrobe and look at your clothes. How many clothes do you have in there that you know you won’t ever wear again, but they’re still hanging in there just in case? What are you holding on to them for?

This way of yogic thinking can teach us that we actually probably don’t need the new shirt that looks exactly like that other one we have at home, we probably don’t really need to buy that new cushion just because it goes with the new wallpaper, and we definitely don’t need another pair of adidas trainers (that one is for me).

The more we hoard material possessions, the more we weigh ourselves down with not only physical, but energetic baggage, and the more we become attached to and worry about losing these possessions.

Believing that the new object we buy will bring us happiness is based on a feeling of lack that all too often enters our minds. In this sense, ‘lack’ is that sense of ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m not whole without that new thing’, when really we always were and always will be good enough no matter what. If we lighten the load a little by either selling some of the things we don’t need, or even better by giving them to charity, then we move towards living a less cluttered life both in our homes and in our minds.

Last year I had a HUGE clear out, I got rid of everything that was from a certain shop in the UK starting with 'P', I bagged anything that I could not remember wearing, and cleared out everything that I was just holding onto. I took them all to a charity shop, and when I returned home, the feeling of having cleared out all the baggage was amazing. I no longer looked into my wardrobe with the feeling of ‘nothing to wear’ because if was filled with so much shiz, now I have a whole new wardrobe, and it felt like a whole new set of clothes. As well as this I had hopefully helped to clothe others that may not be able to go clothes shopping, and maybe even stopped a few clothes from going into a landfill.

I did not need all of that stuff. I felt better for getting rid of it, so the next time you feel you need to buy something new, take a moment to think of why you need it so much – will it bring lasting happiness? Will it help you find peace? Will it help you live in a more self-reliant and simpler way? (This is also a great way to save a lot of money!)

Finally, a nod to the yogis reading this, practicing this, try to bring in aparigrha into your practice, let go of trying to always progress and get into the harder asana. Progress in your yoga practice is encouraging, but it doesn’t need to be the only thing you strive for. The sheer joy of the practice is the greatest reward in itself, realising how freeing it is not to have a specific goal we must achieve, but to simply move our bodies in a way that feels good. If we practice for the love of practicing, without forcing or pushing ourselves beyond our edge, the body will unfold naturally, and those more challenging asanas will be accessible in no time. Who cares if you can’t get your legs around your head? No-one! So enjoy what you’re doing instead of striving for something that you’re not ready for.

I hope that you were able resonate with my words today, and take something away from it, and I will be back in 2 weeks with my next blog- just in time for Valentines day (which I am renaming-self love day)

Keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube for a Vinyasa flow class, I’ll be recording and sharing that this week, of course, everyone in The Tribe will be first to know.

Magic Always, Joanne


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