Just call me Julia Roberts...

The title of the blog will all make sense in about 5 sentences time, if you have seen the movie, then you might know whats coming.

If not, I am making reference to the movie 'Eat, Pray, Love' with Julia Roberts, in short, she heads to Bali to 'find herself', and while she is there she encounters a Balinese Shaman, and while I was in Bali so did I. That's what I am going to share with you in this blog.

A little different to my usual blogs, there's no journal prompts or advice, but you will learn something, so I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Bali magic...

I had been reading a lot about Shamans before we went to Bali, and was planning on taking myself off for a blessing at some point, not really knowing what would happen, so I was excited once we reached our stay at Hideout, which is basically a 5* tree house in the jungle! When looking through the ‘things to do’ I found out they had a village Shaman that we could visit. Now was my time. I persuaded my boyfriend to come with me, and we booked it in for the next evening.

I wasn't sure what to expect, I knew we would do a blessing, and maybe something with our chakras, something like reiki. I’d read they would be able to get into my own energies, and remove anything that shouldn't be there (negative energy), other than this I didn't know all the ins and outs, but I was looking forward to finding out

I had already asked our driver about religious beliefs in Bali, as you see when you're there, every morning families taking out their offerings, I assumed to a God, however, it is not a god as such, it is something bigger than us, they believe in magic, in the power of nature and the universe.

The Balinese believe everyone has the capacity for good or evil (black or white magic)and that everyone accumulates spiritual energy called sakti. When a person’s heart is pure their sakti helps to withstand evil influences. Some people have a greater capacity for sakti and become priests or shamans while those with dark hearts use the sakti for harm. The belief in the influence of sakti leads directly to the Balinese preoccupation with ritual cleansing, the offerings which you see everywhere, amulets, ceremonies, and ritual atonement.

What is a Shaman?

Shamans are traditional healers who work with divine energy to treat physical and mental illnesses, they are said to remove spells and channel energy from ancestors. Some Shaman have learned their art from studying the ancient scriptures called lontar and apprenticing with a master. Others have received wahyu or divine inspiration and heal from the heart. The one that we went to see was born into it, he took over from his father. The girl who took us to the Shaman told us that he had felt his powers from a very young age. She also told us that Shamans are viewed with the same status and respect as a western doctor and have different specialties to heal specific problems of the body, luckily we didn't go with any specific problems, we were open to go with whatever he spotted- I was a bit nervous about this.

It was also very interesting to hear that Balineese people go the a Shaman over seeing what you and I would call a doctor, our guide said they go there when they are not feeling well both physically and mentally, they rarely take western medicine. I think this is more so the smaller villages like where we were staying, when in the busier tourist areas, there were doctor surgeries and hospitals.

My experience-

We set off on our scooter up the road following our guide, until we reached a small village, which is where the Shaman lives, we walked up to his house, which had lots of temple like features, as well as been his home.

We were told to cover ourselves, both of us having to where a sarong-I did have a long dress on, but the guide still advised that I would have to wear a sarong as well to show respect.

The Shaman came out to meet us, he had a very calm aura, he was dressed all in white and you could just pick up on how important he was.

He explained what the ceremony would involve, with our guide helping to translate.

There were 3 stages, first he would cleanse us with holy water, and we have to receive this in a particular way. The shaman went off into his temple, to bless the water. While he was gone our guide told us stories of how the birds int he temple would react, if the person been blessed had a an evil spirit in them, so I kept my eyes firmly on the birds.

The Shaman came back and the water part of the blessing started, the Shaman sprinkled Holy water over our heads (one at a time), he then paced the Holy water our in our cupped hands, an

d we had to splash our faces with the water-3 times, then he did the same thing, and we had to drink the water 3 times. This was the cleansing, we did this 3 times, to cleanse our mind, body and soul, as well as allowing us to cleanse anything negative which may be in us- he gave us the all clear.

Once we had done the water ceremony, the Shaman held out his hand and we were to take a few grains of rice from his, we have to swallow some of it, and then place a small amount of grains onto to centre of our foreheads.

Rice on head Rice represents life in Balinese Hinduism. Rice is also placed on the forehead to represent a third eye to thank the gods for the rice and life. After praying, the Balinese will additionally place rice on their forehead, their chest, and eat three grains.

The next stage the Shaman checked our auras, again we got the all good here, he checked the lines on ours hands, he informed me that I had a good life line (yey), and that he could feel my power- he knew that I can do reiki, I didn't tell him, he said I had healing energy, as well as spiritual energy, but said that my 'fire was burning softly', and that I needed to unblock my chakras.

This was completely painless, he held onto my hand and closed his eyes, and rubbed and brushed my hand with his.

The final stage he filled us with 'power', our guide told us that once we have been filled with this power, we would always have it, we would be protected from evil, and be able to live a long and happy life. For this, all we had to do was hold out our hands in front of us, it kind of made me feel like I was in a meditation, and the palms of my hand were really warm.

The end-

I did have a lovely time, and I did feel different afterwards-my boyfriend was a little more skeptical. I am not a religious person, I have never really been to church- other than for christenings and weddings, however, I am very spiritual, as you will know if you see my socials and other blogs. I do believe in the magic of miracles, and I trust the universe, I understand the chakras and I am very tuned in to how these work ad how to unblock them, so this experience felt very special to me, and when the Shaman said he could sense my energy and knew I am a reiki healer, that blew my mind.

I would 100% do this again, maybe on a bigger scale, and I would recommend anyone who visits Bali- believer or not to try and attend a ceremony at a temple, visit a Shaman or see a healer, you never know, you might like it.

Thank you for reading, slightly later than planned, but better late than never, new Vlog coming very soon, and I will be blogging it on the next new moon.

Magic always,

Joanne xx

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