January blues? Isn’t that a song?

Hi Tribe,

Did you know that today is 'Blue Monday', the third Monday of January is meant to be THE most depressing day of the year, how exciting.

BUT, let’s colour this blue day a brighter shade of psychedelic right here, right now-well after your have read this...

I had the idea for this blog after reading an article about January Blues, and quite frankly I was like WTF, how is this even a thing. There is scientific evidence to say why this is the saddest day, but instead of just accepting it, why are we not trying to prevent it. I decided there and then that I would be avoiding 'Blue Monday' this year, and so will my Tribe, so here I am a your personal (I even have the t shirt for this)…’Happy go lucky, ray of of Fckin sunshine'

Sooooo, in the name of blog research, I have spent the first two weeks of 2022 trying some things out, and looking for the best, easiest, and most effective ways to get through January (and the rest of the year)

Now, I am a big fan of self love/care, I really believe that we all need to look after ourselves, but when I was looking for the best ways to beat the blues, I noticed that the term 'self care' is being used A LOT for marketing purposes with some products, and people have this opinion of self care means you going out and buying things, to try and make yourself feel better, which is great, and I am very guilty of spending a pretty penny on facials, new clothes, getting my hair done, but this is not just what self care is about, and in the case of curing the ‘January blues’ spending money after spending so much over the Christmas period.

When we are ’blue’ this is a feeling, it's an emotion, so before we go out and buy things to make us feel better, which in essence is putting a plaster over the situation, surely before this we need to start within, we need to ensure that our mental health is healthy-and this does not cost anything (if you you try some of the things below, and they are all FREE)

1. Go for a walk

Ok, I hear everyone in the UK saying it's too cold, if it's not raining, just try it, wrap yourself up, grab your woolley hat, dig out your gloves and scarf and get outside. Without sounding too much like a granny 'the fresh air will do you good.' Aim to walk for about 30 minutes, you could just do a lap around your area, or even drive to someone scenic, and if you walk for 30 minutes exercise for the day box too.

There are a few other things that you can do while you are walking, first and foremost, just let yourself have time with your own thoughts, if you are feeling 'blue', use your time on your walk to think about all the things you are grateful for, just list these in your head as you are walking, and feel your mood begin to lift. As we walk we do enter a meditive state, especially if it is a known path where you don't need to think about where you are going, if you use the gratitude practice as you are walking you embed this gratitude into your mindset, and just like magic, the things you are worrying about do not seem as bad.

As well as your gratitude practice, while you are walking you can listen to all your favourite songs, always a mood lifter (a good old Oasis album does it for me) or select a podcast to listen to on something that you are interested in (not work related), there are so many to chose from.

Finally, you can meet that friend you didn't have chance to meet over Christmas, and walk to a coffee shop, go for lunch or just walk somewhere pretty and admire your scenery, being grateful to be able to walk freely in the fresh air.

2. Throw any restricting resolutions in the bin (or even the whole list)

When the new year comes around, we all make a list of things we want to change/do/aim for, but some of these are only going to put pressure on yourself, and in turn make you feel more 'blue'.

Of course have some things you would like to achieve this year, but avoid time scales, avoid resolutions that numbers attached, for example, 'go to the gym four times per week', this is GREAT! But what about that week when you're tired, late home from work, or just are not in the mood and your body is asking for a rest, if you don't go then is this going to make you feel anxious? Will missing this one session ruin your week or put you off completely? You need to be kind to yourself, why not set resolutions that lift you up instead, so yes go to the gym, and maybe you want to increase the amount of times you go to the gym, but does this need to be how you word this resolution? Why are you going to the gym? Think about the reasons. What about switching it from being worded like this to, 'look after my body more', which will include going to the gym, but on the days your body is calling for a rest, and instead you rest, or go for a walk instead, or even just sit at home for the evening and watch Netflix, this is also looking after your body, so yes you have skipped a gym session, but you no haven't broken your resolution. Our bodies communicate with us all the time, they tell us when they're hungry, so we eat, they tell us that they are thirsty, so we drink, so why do we ignore them when they tell us that they are tired, we continually push ourselves, to work hard, play hard, but not to rest hard. And if we are not resting hard, BOOM! Hello feeling 'blue'. So take a look at that list you wrote at the start of the year, and make sure it is not restricting you, switch the list so that you are doing something for you-no time scales attached, and this will help your mood in an instant.

3. Plan a holiday

Ok, so I know you're thinking, 'that's not free', I just mean PLAN, not book. Think about the endorphins you get when it is May and you are looking to book that last minute deal in July, you feel great, you're excited, you're happy, and you can already taste that sangria on the beach.

Why wait until Summer, plan that holiday now, this could even be a dream holiday that you want to take in the next few years. Create a mini vision board (more on these in another blog) I created one using Pintrest, if you haven't got Pintrest, just get on Google, and take screen shots of your dream location. Keep these on your phone so when you need a boost you can take yourself to your dream place- trust me it works.

I have a Pintrest board full of images from French Polynesia, I know that I am not going to make it there in 2022, but it was fun scrolling through the images, and just to keep adding to it is satisfying. I get that 'booking a holiday' feeling every time I look at it, it gives me that excited feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see myself swimming with Humpback Whales, I can feel the nerves of seeing one swim past me-EKKKKKKK I can feel it now.

4. Face what is worrying you, and come up with solutions

If you still feel like the 'blues' are still getting the better of you, then try facing them head on. If there’s something niggling at you, or something that is making you feel anxious or stressed, try making a list, don't go crazy here, just write the the main things that are taking up your mind space during the day.

Then in a separate column and add possible solutions to the problems. Do be hard on yourself if you can’t find a perfect or immediate solution for them, but somehow, you would be able to specify where the problem comes from and how to overcome it.

For example, a big one for every is after Christmas 'I've got no money', this may be the case, but solution to this might be write down what you have left, make a list of what needs to be paid this month, what can wait, and what money is coming in and when. It might be that you have something you need to spend £50, but it can it wait until February? If so, let it wait. This is a simple example, but you will notice by just writing it down, taking it out of your head and coming up with small solutions does help.

Ok, so we have looked at going for a walk, planning a holiday, re-writing resolutions and coming up with solutions, but you still might feel a bit 'meh'. The last one is something that helps to change your mindset, using your thoughts.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

It may seem as if others don't get the blues, but human beings are more alike than we think. That person at work who's always smiling probably gets the blues. That friend who's in the "perfect" relationship probably gets the blues. In my experience, neither a cheerful personality nor being in a loving relationship stops people from getting the blues.

No matter what public face you see on other people, you don't know what their inner life is like. The odds are, it's not so different from your own. This is because we all experience "suffering"— we are all subject to illness, injury, aging, and separation from those we love. No one gets a pass on this—not even billionaires, so stop comparing, no one posts on Instagram when they are feeling poop.

So when you are scrolling through social media this January, feeling blue and seeing all the influencer types 'living their best lives', just remember they too are probably feeling the effect of 'January Blues', BUT what they don't have is a subscription to my blog to make them feel better. Now who is the lucky one ay?

Let me know if your try any of the above, or even better if you have anything to add and share with The Tribe, then that would be amazing. My vision for my growing Tribe is one where we all help and encourage each other. Everyone who has subscribed will have also been sent a short meditation to help further beat those blues, if you’re reading this and you’re not subscribe, then subscribe. You can also access by going onto my YouTube, using the links on my website

Magic Always,

Joanne xx

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