Go with the flow (and I don't mean yoga)

Our bodies are so amazing, and I have been blown away by some of the information I have learnt over the last few months in my quest to become a women’s health coach.

I want to share with you information on our moon cycles (period) and how we can use our moon cycle to our advantage, as well as a way in which you can track your moon cycle in a way which enables you to understand why you might be feeling a certain way.

This blog is mainly for people who menstruate, but if you don’t you will also learn a thing or two, so don't go anywhere. I know that you will be amazed by some of the stuff that goes on.

**I can not take credit for the main bulk of ideas and information here, so I guess this blog is also a book review of sorts. I would also highly recommend everyone to read the book- Period Power- by Maisie Hill. I read the book to help me with the hormone section of my coaching course, and this book did not disappoint. Info on where to buy and Maisie’ podcast at the end.**

What I will share is my main take aways from each section of the book, keeping it as concise as possible for you guys...


What we learn is that we can split our cycles up into the 4 sessions- winter, spring, summer and autumn, this picture gives a decent overview:

**Disclaimer- this is based on an average 28 day cycle, BUT as you know all our cycles are different lengths, this is normal, so when you start to track your cycle, your day one is the first day of your period, then we go from there** What do the seasons involve?

Winter **Days 1-5

How to use this part of your cycle to your advantage:

  • Set boundaries. Aim to avoid stress, which can be hard, but say no when you mean no, listen to you body, and take comfort when you need to- this might be a night on the sofa, Netflix or comfort food.

  • Self Care. Make time in your schedule to do something just for you. Have a bubble bath, watch your fave TV show, go for a walk and listen to your fave music.

  • Recharge your batteries. Take a step back from things that you may normally do, this might even mean to take a few days off form the gym, g to bed early, have a day away from your phone, or avoid social media- anything which may make you feel a bit too overwhelmed.

Why do we feel like this?

We enter our winter on the first day of our menstrual cycle, the day we begin our bleeding. Oestrogen and progesterone are in beginning to decline, which leads to an intense exhaustion (but good news, we have a decline in PMS symptoms like bloating or breast tenderness)

Some of us may experience an ‘awareness’ that we are about to bleed, while others won’t know they’ve entered winter until menstrual cramping or bleeding begins, this all depends on how in tune you are with your bodies, and whether or not you take contraception (more on this in another blog)

Once your period pain begins to take hold, it’s not uncommon to also experience a feeling of bliss as pain-relieving hormones like oxytocin and endorphins are released – and as much as we do not like to admit, we may feel more emotional, tired or snappy at this time.

Spring **Days 6-16

How to use this part of your cycle to your advantage:

  • Be big and bold. This is the time to get shiz done, make plans and act on them, you confidence is peak here, and you will have the energy to do everything. Keep a journal on how you are feeling at this time, it is good look back at when you are in your winter.

  • Get out of the house. Socialise, as you will feel like this is what you want to do. Make plans, go on days out, go raving, hit the gym, whatever takes your fancy. **be careful not to plan too far ahead, don't make plans for your winter and autumn at this time when you are feeling good, as you might regret it in a couple of weeks.

  • Play outdoors. With energy and curiosity climbing, you may wish to experiment with a new hobby, attend a power yoga class or go out with friends for a late night session. Just be sure not to overdo it – your energy is at a high, but it’s not unlimited. Always remember to nurture your body and go easy on yourself.

What to expect:

This is our pre-ovulation phase, or 'spring' as Maisie Hill refers to it in her book. In Spring our oestrogen levels dominate as the ovarian follicle grows. I love in the book how Hill refers to Oestrogen as our “Beyoncé hormone”, this really helped me to visualise what oestrogen's job is and when now I know that 'Beyonce' feeling when I have oestrogen running through my own body. Oestrogen will leave you “feeling energised, motivated and interested in the outer world again”. As our energy levels rise and our inhibitions are lowered, we might also feel more positive, socially-oriented, resilient, curious or creative, great for achieving new goals at work or at home.

Summer **Days 17-22

How to use this part of your cycle to your advantage:

  • Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Leave space in your diary for fun and exploration. Get reacquainted with your partner, your own body and your desires, have a gilrs night out, if you're single, this is the best time to go on dates.

  • Werk, werk, werk. As energy levels peak, you may notice an increase in your productivity and efficiency. Take advantage at work and at home by taking on new projects, do some cooking (keep leftovers for your autumn, when energy begins to decrease again), and remember to keep a journal of your successes – you may need a reminder when you’re feeling low in autumn or winter.

  • Connect and communicate. As you begin to feel more social, confident and affectionate, you may wish to spend time with romantic partners, friends and family. You may even notice a better ability to communicate with difficult colleagues, roommates or in-laws.

What to expect:

Summer! This season does exactly what it says on the tin! Our oestrogen reaches its ultimate peak and your body pushes toward ovulation, testosterone and luteinising hormone(LH) are triggered for increased sexual energy, our body is getting us ready to find a partner to mate with, you will want to be out there if you're single, and if you're in a relationship, then this may also be your partners fave time too. You’ll likely feel an intense burst of energy, your voice may raise in pitch, and you’ll develop a bit more sex appeal. You will naturally be more flirty, and interestingly even our looks may change, our face become more symmetrical- mind blown

Autumn **Days 23-29

How to use this season to your advantage:

  • Turn you gaze inwards. As autumn comes into full swing, you’ll notice a “shift from the outward expression of spring and summer to the inward focus of autumn and winter.” You’ll feel more introspective and you’ll gain a sense of clarity that may not have been available to you in summer, so pay attention to what your thoughts and emotions are telling you.

  • Save energy. Energy levels decline throughout autumn, so be purposeful with the energy you do have. Notice where you peak in energy during the day, and plan to do your most difficult work during these bursts.

  • Accept help. While this can be difficult for women in autumn as they become more easily agitated and (let’s admit it) stubborn, accepting help from others will help make autumn more enjoyable.

What to expect:

In the book, Hill calls this the 'highway to hell’, which I am sure we can all relate to. Autumn usually begins at around day 20 of a 28-day cycle, when progesterone is high. You may start to feel tired, and need a nap after work, and the energy that you enjoyed in spring and summer seems to disappear. If you're like me you may feel especially sensitive to criticism, and get snappy and annoyed, when you don't even mean to. My boyfriend knows when I hit this time, he can call it is a week before my cycle, as I am detached, withdrawn and grumpy, but it’s not all bad news – BUT on the other hand we might also feel especially assertive and able to focus on what’s most important to us, and our intuition will become even more powerful.

So what do we do with this information?

I suggest tracking your period, before you do anything else, you can use an app, I have put the links below, some of these are paid though, but do have a free trial. The apps are great as they give you a summary of what is going on each day and why.


Use the tracker I created, this should be accessible below, if not let me know and I can email it to you.

Remember day 1 is the first day of your period, add and change the days depending on your own cycle, the colours represent each season. Track how you're feeling, and whatever else there is to report, do this for 6 months and see if there is a pattern. What you will also find is that you will start becoming aware of your own body, you will begin know that you feel like shiz because you are in your autumn, and you will know what to out into place for your own self care.

Menstrual Chart Template
Download XLSX • 72KB

Find more out here: Buy the book-

Listen to the podcast-

Download the apps

And that's all for today, I will be back at the next full moon from the UK, with my next blog.

If you have any questions or anything else in the mean time, then get me on my socials. Magic always, Joanne xx

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