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Updated: Jan 26

Hi Tribe,

First of Happy New Year, and welcome if you’re new to my blogs.

For new newbies, my blogs are a mix of yoga, life and WTF moments that I feel I would like to share, and if even just one of you reading this resonates and leaves feeling a little bit more ’normal’, (your own kind of normal, I hate the word normal) then I have done my job.

This is my third end of month blog, and from the first one in October I sort of fell upon using the 8 limbs of yoga as a starting point, for the non-yogis don’t leave, stay with me as I just use them to guide me and for inspo 🤍

I will start with the Yogi bit first, Asteya is the 3rd limb of the ‘eight limbs of yoga’, (you can check out my other end of month blogs to see what this means). Translated it means, non-stealing, but as with the others, it is not just that. I am not here to tell you all to stop stealing from shops (if you are though, it is illegal so…) the way we steal from others is something completely different, so let‘s delve straight in.

How do we steal from people, without actually taking their belongings? I think the root of this comes from us thinking ‘I am not good enough…’ so we compare ourselves to others, as the moment we feel a lack in our lives, we look at others, to see what they‘re doing, and what they have, which then makes us feel like we want what they have got. We then might recreate what we think will make us happy, by ’stealing‘ the ideas we see around us, rather than waiting for our own internal inspiration and creating our own happiness.

We can also be guilty of stealing from ourselves, these two examples will help explain this…

Firstly, for the yogis reading this, are you guilty of pushing yourself too far in class, non yogis maybe in the gym, or at work, do you compare yourself to the others around you, or beat yourself up at the end of class when you didn’t reach the perfect handstand or back bend? By comparing this we rob ourselves of being able to be present with the posture and with ourselves for exactly the way things are in that moment, we steal the feeling of being mindful, we steal the feeling of elation of just being in the class, the postures do not define a yoga practice, the same applies in other areas, by putting this pressure on yourselves, you’re stealing the moment.

Another example is worry, worrying about the future, worrying about the ifs and buts, not sitting and really feeling grateful for what is in front of us. Even when we think we are feeling happy and content, we all have a niggle in our heads, it might only be small, it might only be a quick ‘what if’, but this is us stealing ourselves from the present moment.

Next time you do this, just bring yourself back, bring yourself back to what you’re doing right now, and don’t allow the niggle to steal that moment from you, you can do this by just stopping, I use EFT (I will blog on this next) you can use meditation or literally just stopping what you are doing and take a few breaths.

What do you think? Does this resonate with you? Can you think of moments when you have done this? If so let me know, I’m very guilty of allowing my mind to steal the present moment from me, being a day dreamer and a bit of a worrier (depending on the moon cycle) I will allow little niggles to take over my whole day, but this is something I am working on.

Remember we are all a work in progress, and we can work through it all together.

Share your thoughts and feelings, or contact me as always by any of my socials.

Magic always,



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