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- Mind, Body and Soul -

Why introduce the World of Yoga to your schools and offices.

Yoga can benefit your employees, and for school leaders the students in your school.

As a former employee in a corporate/school setting

Inactivity and stress are two of the world’s biggest health challenges today, these two factors are responsible for chronic diseases from suppressed immunity, to heart conditions, obesity and back pain.

I want to make it even easier for people to help to prevent these challenges before they begin, in turn help you to avoid staff sickness, which will also increase productivity in addition to creating a happier, more united workforce.

According to Forbes, corporate wellness programmes have been shown to boast an average return on investment of around 3:1. In addition to the economic benefits, companies have seen reductions in absenteeism, staff turnover and stress.

Not only are workplace well-being initiatives a positive way for employees to revitalise and get moving, but they are a powerful exercise in team bonding.

Several studies have shown the mental well-being effects of yoga on mood and overall well-being levels, practitioners showing lower levels of stress and anxiety than those not practicing. Yoga stimulates the body’s relaxation response, the parasympathetic nervous system, which for most of us, is suppressed under lives of deadlines, stress, family and professional commitments.

On a physical level, yoga can help improve fitness levels, enhancing balance, flexibility, strength and range of motion. It is also known to help aid sleep and relaxation, proven to help combat the debilitating effects of stress.

By bringing yoga into the workplace and introducing it to the wider community, has the potential for powerful transformative effects, with the chance to make real, long term change in not only our places of work, but in society as a whole.


Yoga can increases self-confidence and self-esteem. Yoga helps students inculcate strength, endurance, confidence and a great mind-body-soul connection. The confidence thus attained through yoga is then carried into the real world and makes the student strong, compassionate and acceptable.